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What is PolarVault™?

PolarVault is a cloud backup and recovery solution for companies of all sizes.  Powered by Asigra, Northstar is able to offer a highly scalable solution utilizing proven technology that provides a step-up on traditional physical media solutions and offers access to a range of onsite hardware and connectivity types to cater for any volume of data.

Delivered as a fully managed service, PolarVault's Backup & Recovery-as-a-Service is securely integrated into your existing corporate network, maximizing the utilization of your existing IT infrastructure while delivering fast, highly secure and encrypted backup and recovery.

What's included in your PolarVault™ service package?

• Customized backup and recovery strategy.

• Installation and configuration of the primary backup server.

• Configuration of backup replication between client site and our data centers.

• Monthly storage of replicated business data.

• Agentless software architecture 

• Secure transmission of backup data - advanced authentication algorithms and AES 256 encryption to ensure safety and confidentiality of your data both in-flight and at rest.

• WAN Optimized data de-duplication and incremental backups - reduces storage consumption and bandwidth requirements.

• Data Reliability - autonomic healing runs transparently in background scanning and repairing any problematic or corrupted files well before a restore would reveal the problem.

• Monitoring of daily backups and automated backup status reports.

• Support for major and minor restores

• Self-service restores - with easy to use console interface.



Contact Northstar Network Group to learn more about how PolarVault can improve your business by getting a free no-obligation analysis of your backup and recovery needs, plus a free trial before purchase!

PolarVault: Cloud Backup & Recovery

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