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We  have been building custom business computers and servers since 2000.   Our mission was to end the frustration and so called “service” from the BIG name computer companies and allow you to talk to  small business owners concerned about YOUR business.  A business that is in the same time zone.  Northstar is an Intel Gold Partner with a proven track record.  We may not win on price up front, but over time our computers will pay “you” back in energy savings and maintenance costs.  We build custom desktops, notebooks and servers with top shelf, brand specific parts.   With Northstar you pay a fair price for quality that is in another league.

Our Computers Have NO Bloatware;   Bloatware is the junk software that manufacturers pre-install on their computers.  This includes demos, media software and various other junk you never use.   Seeing the numbers below, it’s even more insane that these companies are crippling their own products with this stuff.

Here’s how the worst offenders break down, compared to a clean install on our custom built PC’s with the same hardware spec’s:

  • Acer: 2:01 longer boot time, 952MB larger memory footprint, 2.4GB less HDD space

  • HP: 1:35 longer boot time, 1.06GB larger memory footprint, 2.18GB less HDD space

  • Dell: 0:52 longer boot time, 1.18GB larger memory footprint, 3GB less HDD space

  • Sony: 1:54 longer boot time, 1.11GB larger memory footprint, 1.3GB less HDD space

Try this- open up the ‘Add/Remove’ programs on one of the above PC’s.  When you buy a computer from them they've tossed in a few extra “features” that they (have been paid) to think you would like. These range from the useful to the vaguely harmless to the downright obnoxious software that bogs down your PC.


Custom-Built Computers

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