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Northstar Network Group, Inc.  (NNG) was established in 2000 as an IT partner for small and medium sized businesses providing network solutions and IT management support for companies located in Massachusetts and northern Connecticut.

Northstar is a professional information technology firm specializing in network design and  implementation.  NNG provides more than just an evaluation and design of your businesses network infrastructure but also installs, monitors, maintains, and comprehensively provides managed network services to business clients ranging from 5-300 users.

Why are our services different than the other guys?  We build your network from top to bottom.  We always start by learning  your business process.  What are your current issues?  What is important for your employees to be the most productive in their jobs?    We don't just sell you hardware, we custom build it, load your software and work with your software vendors to make it right before it even gets to your desktop or into your server room.  We work with the top computer manufacturers in the world to ensure that your computers are built with the most secure and reliable parts.  With thousands of our custom PC's already in business environments we can assure you the smallest amount of downtime.   

Since most small business owners cannot afford a full time technical staff they must rely on outside vendors or outsourced IT services.  With that reliance, there is the need for an almost unfathomable amount of trust.  Sometimes we are the whole IT staff, sometimes we are the leader managing the less experienced, and other times we act as an additional member to your team. With our advanced training and experience, your problems are solved faster allowing you to get back to work, stay at work, work from home or leave work early. We allow you to focus on your work, not your network. 

Our approach leaves you more time to focus on the important things like baseball games, longer lunches with friends and collegues, or just leaving early on a sunny day.

At Northstar we constantly watch the industry for trends, talk to other small businesses, and work on deploying network models that are cost effective and budget conscious.  

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Northstar Network Group 

"It is Business and it is Personal"

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